The Story of Coffee

Coffee was the big agricultural product in our area in the early 1960's.  It's hard work, labor intensive and frustrating to grow coffee.  Our state was a borderline one climate-wise.  A coffee plant takes four years to produce and a freeze can kill the bush.  After several of these freezes, coffee moved further North, giving way to other crops that brought great prosperity to the area: corn, wheat, soy and other grains.  

In the middle of it all, there are two missionary kids, Ruthie Foehringer and me.  Ruthie and I later lived together for a year at the missionary hostel while we went to the Escola Americana de Campinas.  I believe she has been involved in deaf education for the last several years.


A historia do cafe voces ja sabem.  Ai estou eu com a filha do Pastor Foehringer do Rio de Janeiro, Ruthie.  Quando eramos jovens moramos juntas em Campinas quando estudamos na Escola Americana.  Ouvi dizer que ela e professora de surdos.


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