The Rural Germans

I think these three photos are from Aquidaba, one of Dad's preaching points.  Sunday mornings he preached in Maringa, which we all attended.  Then, in the afternoon, he would rotate between rural churches up to an hour away.  Mom would take us to the movies and we hated it when we had to go out to these rural places.  Not because of the place itself or because of the people, but because we had to fidget through the same sermon we had already heard in the morning.  "Oh, no..... not again!"  One thing I learned from my father, which I still believe is key to life in the church, is that you don't go because you enjoy it or get something out of it.  You go because you are there for the community.  You go to give.

The photo above looks like a Confirmation photo.  I do remember the blond.  She was considered to be the hottest girl around.  I agree.  She was stunning. The precocious girl at the front probably wanted all of Dad's attention for herself.

The three German guys below were pillars of the community.  We were at their houses many times.  These people dedicated themselves to the church, many walking for miles to get there on Sunday afternoons.

I love the way these guys are standing.  They look like a cover for some band, all cool, all carefully poised.  But, notice the hands.  Don't they look huge?  That's called hard work.  The guy in blue looks like my cousin Scott.


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