Rachel's Baptism

Well, it's supposed to be a sacred experience, right? But, as you can see, I had absolutely no hope of looking towards a "normal" future. If you think I am strange, this is the proof: it's genetic! Mom being normal was not enough.

My outfit is beautiful! Dad's aunt made it (right? I'm thinking Great Aunt Martha who was also his Godmother...) and it is completely hand stitched, including little shoes. I still have it and some day hope to display it somehow.

More photos from my baby book.  Dad and Mom.


 Uncle Louie (Dad's youngest brother)

Aunt Marion (Dad's sister)

Estas fotos sao do meu batismo em 1962.  Ainda estavamos nos Estados Unidos.  A roupa que estou usando foi feita pela tia do meu pai, completamente costurado a mao.  O meu tio Louie e tia Marion, irmaos do meu pai tambem estao nestas fotos.

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bazaarbayar said...

The Biels in Brazil blog is wonderful - great start! I hope others in your family get involved as well. Everyone remembers events differently. I was reading a review of Isabel Allende's latest memoir. She gave an advance copy to members of her family to read before it was published, and EVERYONE had entirely different recollections, and I think she even included some of them in the book. A rather amusing exercise, and a good way to get family talking, if not fighting!

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