Letter to Marian and Frank, November 29, 1966

 Clifford Biel, Charles and Rachel

My Aunt Marian kept many of the letters my mother, Donna Biel, wrote to her.  She returned them in 2010.  Most are recorded here. 

Dear Marian and Frank,

Baby Lisa
Well, Nels was right.  He said you would have a girl and waht a big one!  We were glad to hear that everything went well.  You certainly were fortunate to find enough money to get tot the hospital.  What an experience!  I like the name Lisa- one of the missionaries has a girl named Lisa.  I agree with you as to delivery without pain- so far, Rachel's was the easiest- I had Demerol.  In February, my sister, Olive, had had boy without pain but my deliveries have been too difficult to go without a hypo.

I hope you don't get discouraged and give up on breast feeding for when you give cereal and soon food, she will be content.  I am still breast feeding Helen.  Now she is a cheerful and smiling baby but in the first 2 months she had a lot of gas pains.  She still wakes up to be fed at night.  At 3 months, Helen weighed 15 lbs.  Since we don't have baby food, she doesn't get more than cereal- occasionally, with egg yolk in it, bananas, and sometimes carrots.  When she turned 3 months old she started turning from the back to her abdomen.  She likes to sit in the corner of the sofa chair.  When we talk to her she coos and coos.

You must have lost all of your weight gain since Lisa weighed 9 lbs.  Did Cynthia lose all of the weight she had gained?  She  wrote that the doctor said she is in good physical condition.  Hope they will have a baby soon.

We will find out in January when we will go on furlough.  I wrote that we could go home early but the earliest would be March and probably won't be until July.  We are anxious to see everyone.  When Louie and Rosie get married I hope that we can have a family picture taken to keep on our dresser.  Louie to be transferred about now.  To where will he go?

 Louie and Rosie's wedding photos, 
which did indeed, sit on my Mom's dresser for years.

This last week we spent in Paranavai where Joey helped with special services which had films.  The Olsen's go home when we do but they decided not to come back due to their adopted children.  Three have Indian blood.  Here adoption is frowned on and they think that heredity is stronger than the environment and that Olsen's girls could become prostitutes later in life.  Here couples who are childless usually remain that way.

 Sharon and Randy
Native American children adopted by Ardys and Andy Olsen

Our house was sprayed by government employees for the first time.  It is to kill a bug that looks something like a cockroach and transmits a disease called chagas disease.  It affects the heart and a person lives to 2 to 3 years after he is bitten.  This is common in Northern Brazil, but I haven't seen the bug here.

Helen has already had the typhoid vaccine.   Ardys Olsen brought oral vaccines from Sao Paulo.  There were many cases of typhoid in Paranavai- 3 cases here and 2 deaths.  Helen just had her firs polio shot- there is an oral one here, too.  The 4i n 1 shot is hard to get here but the doctor says that if it is given, the whooping cough vaccine isn't as strong.  And since many children have whooping cough here I am going to give the 3 in 1.

Same technique Dad was using.

We have some 4-H books that a friend of mine sent.  She is working for the State of Oregon and was a college roommate.   Joey made a beautiful design from the cover of two cans and in the center put a picture of himself, Rachel and Charles.  The lid is cut into many sections and then with pliers he curled the strips and bent some in other directions.  He also made bells and plans to make angels.

Rachel and Charles talk about Auntie Marian all the time- saying Auntie Marian gave me this or that.  I don't know if you will be able to stand them for very long- they are such live wires- both extroverts and talk continuously.  I told Rachel I wished she was a radio so that I could shut her off sometimes.  You will be anxiously waiting to have Lisa start talking but when they come to the question age it is hard on one's patience.

 Charles and Rachel with Bobby

We are having a heat spell.  I'm glad we don't have water shortages as some of our neighbors do.  Poor Helen has had a cold for a week.  It is windy in the morning but hot and stuffy in the afternoon and evening.  It is hard to get into the Christmas mood.

Our children are always so dirty and clothes soon get holes in them from scrubbing.  I'm looking forward to seeing them clean.


Donna and Joey

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