Letter to Marian and Frank, December 9, 1968

Donna reading to Rachel, 1962

My Aunt Marian kept many of the letters my mother, Donna Biel, wrote to her.  She recently returned them.  The most interesting parts are recorded here.

Dear Marian and Frank,

We got your letter today soon after I mailed one to you.

We want to help pay for the consul stereo form Mary and Harvey.  You certainly got a lovely present for a lovely price.  ...  buy records with the money we are sending.  We leave it to your judgment.

If you wish to send anything, don't send toys as we have to pay import.  I'm sure Rachel and Charles would like books and Rachel could use them as library books or I can read to them.  There will be no import duty on books.  Send them by boat so you won't have to pay much postage- it will take about 2 months to 3 months.

Joey doesn't have time to answer your questions as he is off to Londrina to a 2 day meeting.  He is still working on Christmas to be sent to our church in Ohio.  Needless to say, it won't get done by Christmas.

Thanks for sending different stamps on your envelope.  Several friends save stamps.

...  I'm sure you will be disappointed to know that Joey sold his accordion a long time ago.  I know I wrote your folks but thought I had told you, too.  He decided he wouldn't have time to take lessons.  He sold it here for what he paid for it.  I thought he should at least wait awhile and try to learn it.  I know how you must feel after going to all the trouble to get it for him.

I'm wondering if Mary will have Christmas off from the hospital.  If she has to work it will seem strange for Harvey and all the children.

Dad with Bobby and Velvet.   
Velvet is the one on the left who had the puppies.

Everyone is enjoying the puppies.  They get held so much that I hope it doesn't hurt them.  Helen gets nervous when the puppies cry and tries to get Velvet to come upstairs and when she won't  the children bring the puppies downstairs.  They are trying to learn to walk.  Three Sunday School teachers have asked for the males but no one wants the female.

I best get the rest of my letters done.


Donna and Joey

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Rayela Art said...

Marian sent us boxes of books and candy for Christmas for years and years. We had a whole closet of books that she sent, a great variety, classics, mysteries, for kids, for adults... She definitely helped spur me on towards becoming a reader.

We had Velvet for all the years we were in Maringa (1968-1980). She followed Mom everywhere around the neighborhood and was a great dog. But, we had a terrible time with ticks and her hair would get matted. It was my job to try to help keep her coat under control. Poor thing...

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