Letter to Lisa, Late 1970's

Helen with Bobby, late 1970's

Dear Lisa,

Hi!  How are you?  Rachel is visiting us.  You knew that she is studying in Campinas, didn't you?  Well, she did anyhow.  She brought a friend from Campinas with her, so we are showing her the city!

I'm sorry I didn't write sooner.  (hope you forgive me)

Tomorrow is Independence Day, so I don't have school 'til tomorrow.

My birthday was last month.

I have just finished "The Hiding Place".  They were in World War II in Holland, where they hid some Jews and went to prison.

Now I am going to school on Rachel's bike.  I sold mine to the neighbor who still hasn't payed.

Every Tuesday, I go the the German Folk Dance.  I don't have a partner, but I dance with a girl.  It's just to learn anyhow.  

Rachel has three friends sleeping here. It seems like the room is crowded.  Charles had a friend over, too, so we are quite crowded.  Rachel is going away today so I already planning a party.

My Mom gave shots to a lady.  She's really fat.  Goodbye!

Your cousin,


P.S.  Write soon!

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