Letter from Donna, , Minneota, Monday, January 1968

Donna with Helen, Marian with Lisa, Rachel
Winter 1968

My Aunt Marian kept many of the letters my mother, Donna Biel, wrote to her.  She returned them in 2010.  The most interesting parts are recorded here.

Dear Marian and Frank,

Thanks for the birthday cards. ...  

It certainly was good to hear Louie's voice Friday.  Saturday Joey left for the Moorehead area where he will be until Friday and when he gets back we are going to see Louie at Mary and Harvey's.  Rachel is getting excited about the wedding.  We didn't say much in case they decided to wait awhile.

...  After the wedding we want to stay one night with you and one at Cynthia's, then we will go back to Mary and Harvey's and fly from Minneapolis ...  We decided it was best to leave from Mpls. as it will give us more time to visit Julia, Stan's and your folks.  We only saw Julia's on Christmas day and now we won't see them as they have chicken pox.

We have a nice stroller that we are wondering if you want to use, if not maybe Cynthia can use it.  You can take Lisa on long strolls.  Its seat can be put in three positions- straight up, partly back or lying down position.  It has a basket in back for diaper bag or groceries and top on it for shade.  We will bring it down when we go for the wedding.  

I was glad to see our barrels go on Saturday.  A trucking firm from Marshall got them and they will go to New York.

 Rachel is kept aware of the world news.  The other night she said she couldn't sleep thinking of the bombs that fell in the water and the ship in Korea.  Thursday will be her last day of school.  When Helen sees a bus in a book she says "Rachel".

We haven't had the flu but Helen and Charles had mattery eyes and colds and Joey has a cold.  The reason, I now find out, that my sister, Nyla, was crabby on Christmas Eve Day was that she had the flu and was sick all the week she was here.

Helen now gets out of the crib by herself.  She is quite a clown.  She put on Rachel's coat and said, "Hi, Rachel" so we all called her Rachel and she giggled.

My family is having a family reunion for us on the 11th.  We will leave her the 15th and be in De Witt the 16th for rehearsal.  The 5th we will be at Harvey's and on the 6th we go to the Cities as on the 7th the children have their last dental appointment.  The have had their teeth covered with a fluoride coating and I am going to have it done, too.

We are giving our TV. to Rosie and Louie for their wedding gift.  We are taking it this weekend as we won't have room when we take our suticases.  The T.V. is a floor model.

All for now.  It won't be long and we will be in your neighborhood.


Donna and Joey

1 comment:

Rayela Art said...

I had to laugh at the long description of the stroller. Wow! THREE positions! Woo hoo!

And, had no clue that the condition of the world had already become important to me at such a young age. There you go...

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