Letter from Donna, February 25, 1972

 Helen leaning against the church.

My Aunt Marian kept many of the letters my mother, Donna Biel, wrote to her.  She recently returned them.  The most interesting parts are recorded here.  This one was written on the back of a letter my father wrote.

The pillows are very cute.  Helen thought it funny that her pillow has a little pillow.  They will look nice on their beds.  They didn't have anything on their beds for decorative purposes.  I take it from the two different sizes of panties that you didn't know what would fit.  The smallest one fits.  I lost the 10 lbs. I had gained on furlough.  I should try to lose more but haven't tried.

...  If we go on our two month furlough next year we are thinking of doing what Gaylord Grant did.  With money that it would cost to fly Miami-Mpls, they bought a used car, went through Kennedy Space Center and did other sight seeing.  If we do this we could visit sponsoring churches in N.C. and Ohio plus visit you on our way to Minnesota.  I think we should plan on staying three weeks so we don't lose much time traveling back and forth.  We have asked for Mid-June to Mid-august.  That way the children won't miss much, if any school.

Helen had dilation of the urethra the 1st of February.  She stayed one day in the hospital with a catheter in.  I'm happy to be able to write that since then she hasn't had anymore wetting in the day time but still wears diapers at night.  Helen was sick a week ago with an infection of the larynx.  She had a high fever but with medication she was soon well again.  Next week she goes back to the Brazilian kindergarten after a 2 month vacation. 

I have received the Calvert Correspondence course for Helen for 1st Grade.  One of our missionary families was going to use it but they are resigning due to health problems.  This course is the same one I used for 1st grade for Rachel.  I have showed Helen many of the letters and how they are printed but she doesn't know the names of the letters.  Rachel and Charles will continue at the small American School in August.  Charles will continue to be the only one in his grade.

Their newest pet is Duchess, a lovely half grown kitten that is white except for black tail, ears, and one spot on her back.  Charles is already planning on kittens and hopes the father will be our male cat, Blackie.

 Dutchess and her kittens.

The past two weeks we have had almost continuous rain- either fine drizzle or cloud burst.  The ceilings have started to get moldy plus shoes we don't use often.  We had a cool summer with a lot of rain in December.  Some say it hasn't rained this much in 20 years.

The next page is a note from Rachel

Dear Auntie Marian,

How are you?  I am fine.

Thank you for the present and candy.  I got a bike for Christmas.  I also got a bracelet.  How was your Christmas?  Ours was nice except for the afternoon.  I was trying to ride my bike and BANG (big shaky block letters) into the tree I went.  I couldn't walk well for three weeks.  On vacation we had Vacation Bible School and I cut my hair.  Helen has her hair cut short also.

Well, I guess that's all so good-bye and thank you again.

Love,  Rachel

P.S.  The candy is very good.

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